Víctor Català

Víctor Català (L’Escala, 1869-1966) was the pen name used by Caterina Albert i Paradís. A central figure in Catalan modernisme and, by extension, in 20th century Catalan literature, Català standed out because of her narrative prowess and an incisive style, which was a reflection of her original and independent character, as evidenced in her short stories (Drames rurals, 1902) and in the acclaimed novel Solitud, one of the most universal works in Catalan literature. She led a reclusive life in her Empúries home, and continued writing and publishing after the dissolution of the Noucentisme movement: some scattered works in the 1920s and a string of prose and short story collections in the 1940s and 1950s, published by Editorial Selecta. Her main works remain popular and are regularly reprinted in Catalan.