Gabriel Ventura

Gabriel Ventura (Barcelona, 1988). Bachelor in Humanities by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. He has published the poetry collection Ignar (Edicions Poncianes, 2013), a translation of Samuel Beckett’s poetry (Edicions Poncianes, 2013) and, more recently, the book W, a catch-all volume halfway between narrative and poetry. His articles have appeared in cultural journals and magazines such as Bonart, Núvol or Males Herbes. Some of his poems have been translated into Dutch and published in the newspaper De Morgen, or have been part of the fanzine To Ludd with Love (Brussels-Barcelona-Paris, 2013). He has worked with film director Albert Serra as an actor and chronicler in Singularity (2015), and as assistant of artist and fashion designer Rosa Tharrats. He is writer-in-residence at PIRAMIDÓN since October 2015.