Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa (Lisbon, 1888-1935) is the most representative figure of 20th century Portuguese poetry and had a decisive role in introducing Surrealism in his country, as well as being a renowned essayist and translator. After spending his early years in Cape City, in returning to Lisbon he kickstarted his literary career and earned himself a place at the aesthetical spotlight of the Portuguese avantgarde. His interest in writers such as Nietzsche, Shakespeare or Milton drew him towards translating some of his early work into English. Despite publishing only one work in Portuguese in his lifetime, Mensagem, he left a vast written production, which can be found in the famous pessoan espólio. A year before his death, a number of poems written under many different  heteronyms saw the light of day, showcasing the complexity of his personality and the variety of alter egos through which he chose to express himself. His complete works have been published posthumously.