Bèsties 19. Bachmann

Ingeborg Bachmann

Translation and foreword by Arnau Pons

11,00 €  
ISBN: 978-84-7226-885-2

Arnau Pons (Premio Nacional a la mejor Traducción 2015) has selected fourteen poems by Ingeborg Bachmann, from all the different periods of her literary career —from unpublished juvenilia to texts from the time she decided to give up poetry. Thanks to this, Catalan readers will be able to read Bachmann in another light, different in rhythm and syntax, than in previous collections of her poetry in our language. This selection presents texts taken from Die gestundete Zeit (1953) as well as from posthumous selections from the periods 1948-1953, 1957-1961 and 1964-1967, and represents the first Catalan edition of Bachmann's poetry in over 20 years.


Bèsties is a wallpaper collection that combines the poetry and the portraits of some of the most acclaimed authors of universal literature. A selection of excerpts —posthumous, unpublished, forgotten— are presented in a groundbreaking format by the translators, current Catalan poets. The posters escape the parcelling of conventional pagination to project in a single canvas the unity of meaning emanating from the poems. Each wallpaper comes with a separate front page including a foreword by the translator, which contextualizes their selection and situates the author in their context.

 8 abril 2017 – Notícia a VilaWeb
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